"Coisas" or things are a collection of visual explorations using geometrical shapes and isometric views.

"Coisas" means "things" in portuguese which are, in definition, "everything that exists or that can have existence (real or abstract)". I like to give my projects a name, but this one I named only "Coisas".

"Coisas" because the project's very appearance is undefined. A lot of noise and chromatic aberration in geometric shapes in a isometric vision, distortionless of perspective. In fact, a lot of code and mathematical operations that would be hard to reproduce in the real world.

"Coisas" brought this duality that seemed to me visually and symbolically interesting in the infinity of "things" can signify to every person. In the end, every images are only things.

"Coisas" as the Moacir Santos's album, undefined things, things like this project.

role: art direction